The Keller Pointe is currently open to Members only with limited hours and services. You can find all COVID-19 related facility updates here and on our Facebook page, and review the Open Texas plan for requirements and recommendations from the State.

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A Word to Parents:

The purpose of the staff is not to supervise your child but to prevent accidents from happening. Therefore, parents are expected to closely supervise their children and assist in enforcing the facility’s policies for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons. All children, ages nine years and under, must be accompanied and supervised, at all times, by a paying adult (at least 16 years or older).

Teens 13-15 years old may use the fitness equipment under direct parental supervision. Teens 16-17 years old may use the fitness floor equipment unsupervised by having a parent or legal guardian sign a liability waiver.

Children 13 years or older may use the indoor track without adult supervision. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by, and stay next to, an adult at all times.

No strollers, carriers, etc. are allowed on the track or fitness floor.

Definition of a Family

A family constitutes at least one, no more than two adult heads of household and up to four of his/her dependents that are 23 years of age or younger in school or living at home. It also includes persons with special needs living as a single housekeeping unit at the same address.

Medical Freeze

In the event of a medical condition that prevents you from utilizing The Keller Pointe, members may freeze their annual membership for $10/month by providing a doctor’s statement. Once a doctor’s release is obtained to return to the facility, the membership will be reactivated for the length of time it was frozen. If a patron has a family membership and elects to freeze the membership, the entire family will be frozen. Medical freezes must take place within 30 days of the medical condition arising. Expired memberships are not eligible for medical freeze. We also offer other account freezes. Please contact us for eligibility requirements

Annual Fee-Non-Refundable

For individuals choosing to purchase an annual membership by paying for one year in full, the membership is non-refundable with the exception of the 30-day Opt Out Period.

30-day Opt Out Period

All annual members have 30 days from the date of purchase to request an annual fee refund. One month, at the monthly rate, and a $60.00 service charge will be deducted from the annual fee refund amount. After 30 days, no refund is available.

Annual Fee Transfers

Individual or family annual members may transfer their membership to another individual or family. If the individual or family receiving the annual membership is a non-resident, the receiving party will be required to pay the difference between the resident annual membership fee and the non-resident annual fee. If a non-resident annual member is transferring their annual membership to a resident of the City of Keller, there is no refund for the price difference.

Proof of Residency

A Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you with your membership.  Proof of residency is required and memberships will not be issued without a valid driver’s license.  For taxing jurisdictions, please visit


For those individuals choosing the monthly membership option, a 30-day written notice is required to discontinue the monthly membership. If the notice is received on or after the 15th of the month, the final membership payment will be drafted from your account and the membership will be canceled at the end of that month. The $60.00 service fee is non-refundable. A service fee of $20.00 per returned payment may apply.

Inclement Weather Policy

When lightning occurs, the indoor and outdoor pools will be closed. If we are unable to reopen after forty minutes, the pool(s) will remain closed and attempt to reopen the later in the day. This policy is in effect until one hour prior to official closing time.

Rain Check Policy

In the event of aquatic facility suspension due to inclement weather or maintenance, guest(s) may exchange their ticket for a rain check only if guest(s) have been present at the facility for less than two hours. Management reserves the right to suspend operation and/or close the facility at any time and initiate the rain check policy. If the indoor pool is able to stay open while the outdoor pool is closed, the rain check policy will not apply.